Why You Need a Security Screen

Posted on: 18 September 2018

Security screens have a similar appearance to windows, but they are stronger and protect against many situations that could occur. Security screens available include fixed window screens, hinged window screens, sliding window screens, emergency exits and patio enclosures. As well as providing security, security screens are also energy efficient. Here is why you need a security screen.

Protection against break-ins

Security screens are assessed against standards to prevent break-ins. These include entry gained through knives, powerful impact, levered tools such as screwdrivers and the pulling down of windows from the edges of the frame. Security screens are more effective at safeguarding your property from burglary than normal windows or enclosures.

Protection against bushfire

Security screens can be inspected against the level of protection that they offer from protection against bushfires. Some security screens are made of meshed stainless steel which strengthens the structure of the screen. Security screens help to decrease how much heat surrounds your building when a fire occurs. They are more effective at preventing the spread of flames than normal windows, therefore, reducing fire damage in your property and avoiding the spread of fire to neighbouring properties. They can also be custom made to fit the design of your home.

Protection against cyclones

Security screens can protect your property from powerful gusts of wind. They are analysed against standards to check the level of protection that they provide from varying degrees of cyclones. They safeguard from damage that can occur due to airborne objects.

Protection from corrosion

Security screens are qualified against standards for protecting against corrosion. This means that they are highly effective at withstanding different environments so that the appearance and security of the screen are not affected.

Protection against falls

Security screens can be strong enough to block falls from windows or balconies. They can meet standards for protecting children against windows that open.

Protection against insects

Security screens can prevent most insects from entering your property. They are highly effective at keeping mosquitos out of your home.

Protection against heat

Security screens allow fresh air to flow into your property, reduce the amount of heat loss from your property and block, to an extent, UV rays and heat from the sun.

They are energy efficient

Security screens improve the energy efficiency of your property. This is because less heat is lost through the screens than with traditional windows, therefore reducing your energy bills.

Excellent views

Security screens can provide an open view to the outdoors. This is because they use materials that can eliminate the needs for bars or grilles.


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