How to Add Security to Your Home's Windows Without Surveillance Equipment

Posted on: 12 December 2016

Adding security outside your home's windows is easy if you install surveillance equipment and security cameras, but this isn't always an option for homeowners. Not only is all that equipment expensive, but many homeowners don't want to learn what's involved in checking computer monitors, saving recordings to their computer and so on. There are some easier ways to add security to your home's windows without surveillance equipment, complicated alarms and the like, so note a few suggestions you might try for your home.

1. Security blinds on remotes

Security blinds are thick and tough to cut or bend, and they cover the entire window area so that no one can get past them. Using remotes that work with your smartphone allows you to manually lower or raise the blinds when not at home; if you tend to work late hours, you won't need to keep the blinds closed during the day, a sure sign that the home is empty, but you can close them remotely once the sun starts to set. This provides an added security barrier around the windows and keeps the home's interior private.

2. Loud flowerbeds

An intruder may make their way to a back window and enter the home without ever being heard, but loud flowerbeds can act as a natural alarm. This refers to items that easily crunch when underfoot, such as seashells or gravel. If your home's flowerbeds are covered with soft mulch, this won't do much to alert you to someone who is standing outside your windows, so replace this with something rocky that is loud when stepped on. The sound alone may scare away a potential intruder before they ever get a chance to pry open a window, and louder sounds can alert you to a prowler.

3. Deadbolts and rods for windows

Your home's entryway doors may have strong deadbolts and even a security screen on the outside, but have you ever thought about the locks on your home's windows? If the locks are thin and plastic, they may not offer much security against a pry bar. Windows can be installed with deadbolts that make it virtually impossible to pry the windows open.

If you don't want to drill into the window frame for a deadbolt, cut a thick piece of wood similar to a broom handle just long enough to sit above the window's lower sash. Like a security rod you might place horizontally next to a door wall, this type of security bar also makes it virtually impossible for someone to pry open the window.  


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