Why Indoor Roller Blinds Could be Right for Your Home

Posted on: 30 November 2016

There are so many choices when it comes to window dressings for your home that it can be difficult to know which option is right for you. As you make the decision on the best style of blinds for your home, indoor roller blinds - providing an affordable option that offers substantial benefits - are definitely worth a second look.  

1. Reduce solar glare:

For many Australians the glare of sunlight entering their home through the windows can cause an issue when it comes to regulating a room's temperature, as well as reflections from sunlight often making simple things, such as watching television, difficult. By choosing indoor roller blinds for your home it is possible to reduce these inconveniences, either by choosing roller blinds made from a fabric with a solar reflective coating - specially designed to reflect the heat from the sun entering a room back out through the glass - or, more simply, by choosing a light-coloured fabric for your blinds. Although indoor roller blinds will always allow some heat to pass through into the room, these options can significantly reduce the phenomenon.

2. Insulation:

Just as heat entering the home is a problem for many homeowners, heat leaving the home through the windows can be similarly problematic. The majority of the loss of heat from a room occurs through the windows, and the choice of indoor roller blinds can help reduce this issue. There are roller blinds available in fabrics that have thermal insulation properties, however any indoor roller blind can help reduce the amount of heat lost from a room through its windows if the roller blind is correctly and snugly fitted within the window frame. Providing that it fits the window in this manner, an indoor roller blind can reduce drafts coming into a room, as well as reducing the heat lost from the room.

3. Blackout properties:

Most commonly associated with children's bedrooms, blackout indoor roller blinds are designed to block out all the light that would otherwise enter a room. These blackout roller blinds are made from a material that stops light travelling through it but, additionally, this material is great at reflecting the solar heat coming in through a window. If you are looking to keep a room cool and dark, these blackout indoor roller blinds would be the best choice for your home.

With these benefits indoor roller blinds really are the versatile, affordable, and practical choice for any home. 


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