Stylish Blinds: The Different Designs You Could Install In Your Home

Posted on: 8 November 2016

Although curtains and drapes have been the common choice for window treatments, blinds are gradually increasing in popularity in Australian homes. The reason for this is not only can you find blinds in an assortment of styles and designs, but also they are manufactured from a myriad of materials. Some of the more popular materials blinds are made from include timber, steel, vinyl and even plastic. Therefore, you can always rest assured that you will get window furnishings that will not only satisfy your personal tastes but will also complement the current interior furnishings of your home. If you are looking to change up your window treatments, below are some of the different designs you could choose for stylish blinds.

Roman blinds

These are one of the most conventional options that people gravitate toward when it comes to blinds. They are made of horizontal slats that will stack up evenly when the blinds are opened. Conversely, when you close the blinds, they will provide full coverage to your window without their slats overlapping each other. Roman blinds are ideal for rooms that you would like to block out the sun, such as the bedroom. To provide further protection from the sun, you could choose to have your roman blinds lined with blackout fabric, which will ensure that the room stays dark as long as the blinds are drawn.

Vertical blinds

As the name suggests, these types of blinds will comprise of slats that have been arranged in a vertical formation rather than horizontally. As such, to open them, you would have to slide them from one side to the other rather than the slats stacking against themselves from the bottom up. Due to this design, vertical blinds are ideal for large openings such as French windows or for bifold doors. Vertical blinds are also ideal for homeowners who are looking to keep their home energy efficient as they function to act as an insulation barrier due to their size.

Venetian blinds

Just as roman blinds, Venetian blinds will comprise of slats that have been arranged horizontally. The blinds are then suspended using a tape that enables you to rotate the slats of the blinds at varying degrees. This makes Venetian blinds ideal for areas that you would like to control the amount of light illumination while still maintaining your privacy. For example, by having them in the living room, you can rotate the slats to allow in sunlight yet still obscure passersby from seeing into your home.


Having a naturally inspired interior design theme

Our holiday home is placed right in the middle of the bush and has a beautiful natural surrounding. We loved that natural backdrop when we bought the house and have been really eager to make sure that the natural beauty of our area is reflected in our interior design. We are introducing the colours of the native landscape into our rooms via the window fittings, furnishings and floor coverings. I love these natural colours, and seeing them every day helps me to feel calm and relaxed. This blog is all about taking a very Australian process to integrate landscape colours into your interior design.