Interior Design Ideas – How to Perfectly Dress a Bay Window

Posted on: 27 October 2016

Bay windows are a beautiful addition that can create a stunning focal point in every home. However, due to their unique shapes, choosing the ideal window treatments that balance style and functionality can be tricky and confusing. Bay windows usually project outward from the main wall of the building to create a bay in the room, and finding the right curtains or blinds for this feature is difficult. Here are some top ideas and tips for dressing bay windows in any room and space in your home.

Use separate rods

Since bay windows have a curved design, it is only logic that the curtain rod follows this design. However, this would mean that the rod should be bent, and doing this can prove difficult unless you have it customised. The easiest way to dress bay windows is to use separate rods for each curve. This way, you can use curtains on the windows without giving them an awkward look. Note that with separate rods, you will also be required to use separate curtains for each window; therefore, the curtains should be customized to the size of the window.

Choose made-to-measure treatments

Finding off-the-shelf window treatments that perfectly fit your bay windows can be difficult due to their unique shape. Also, the idea of cutting and resizing them to the perfect size that will fit the windows can be time consuming and expensive. Made-to-measure curtains, blinds, and shutters are the best options in this case, as they can be specifically designed to the exact measurements of the windows. They can give the room and the window a neat and tidy look. Ensure that you take accurate measurements of the window before getting a designer to customize the window treatments.

Don't forget the light

Bay windows are large, and this means that they allow more natural light into the room. However, to achieve this, you need to choose window treatments that make it possible. Whether you are choosing curtains or blinds, ensure that the material allows maximum light in the room. For instance, sheers and lightweight blinds or shutters are an ideal option for letting in natural lights. Also, ensure that you open them during the day. You will enjoy the beautiful view of the outdoors in addition to the light.

Seek professional help

Dressing bay windows can be intimidating, and you may feel like you are not getting it right after several attempts. Seeking the professional help of a designer can save you from incurring the cost of purchasing the wrong treatments and the regrets that follow. Find an interior designer with extensive design experience with curtains and blinds to ensure that you get the best window treatments that balance style and functionality.


Having a naturally inspired interior design theme

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