Create A Beachside Holiday Vibe In Your Inner-City Unit With These Simple Additions

Posted on: 26 October 2016

Holidays by the beach are a quintessential part of the Australian lifestyle. For many people, an oceanside holiday house is the ultimate place to spend a relaxed and enjoyable time with friends and family. If you live in an inner-city unit block, you may feel that your home couldn't be further removed from a blissful, beachside abode. However, if you're craving the coastal vibes, you can recreate the look and feel of a beach house with a few simple changes to elements in your unit's living spaces.

Add external shutters

Nothing says holiday home quite like louvered timber shutters. By installing them on your balcony doors, you'll instantly add charm and character to your inner-city unit. Stick to a clean, white finish for a neutral look, or opt for a dusty pale blue to bring the colours of the ocean into your room.

External shutters don't just look great, they're also highly practical. They add security, increase privacy, and add an extra layer of insulation to your glass doors. They're also ideal for small units, taking up very little space and doing away with the need for curtains or blinds.

Add timber look flooring

Another iconic feature of many beach homes is beautiful, rustic looking timber floors. You can adopt this feature in your home by installing timber look vinyl flooring to your main living areas. Timber look flooring is very affordable, and installing it is an easy DIY job, even for a novice. Opt for a bleached oak or driftwood coloured finish to enhance the beachside feel.

One of the attractions of timber look flooring is that it can be installed over any clean, level surface. The pieces are designed to interlock, so your existing carpet, tile, or vinyl flooring can be transformed quickly and easily.

Add beach inspired art

If you can't physically be by the beach, you can do the next best thing by adding beach inspired art to your unit's walls. This may be a hand-painted piece by a seascape artist, a large-scale print by a beach photographer, or even one of your own snaps of your favourite beach holiday printed onto a canvas.

Another idea for beach inspired art is to create a decorative wall hanging. Items collected during your visits to the beach, such as shells, pebbles, and pieces of driftwood, can be strung together with fishing line to create an eye-catching, unique, and textural addition to your unit.

These inspiring interior design ideas will help to create the laid-back and relaxed feel of a beachside holiday home. Your unit will become a serene haven to return to after a busy day in the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Having a naturally inspired interior design theme

Our holiday home is placed right in the middle of the bush and has a beautiful natural surrounding. We loved that natural backdrop when we bought the house and have been really eager to make sure that the natural beauty of our area is reflected in our interior design. We are introducing the colours of the native landscape into our rooms via the window fittings, furnishings and floor coverings. I love these natural colours, and seeing them every day helps me to feel calm and relaxed. This blog is all about taking a very Australian process to integrate landscape colours into your interior design.